The Institution

The Deokoro Magnet Schools are a group of co- educational College, High, Preparatory, and specialist (Music) schools supported and administrated by the Deokoro Magnet Educational Foundation. Founded in 1994 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The institution Caters to the needs of Gifted and Talented youths who exhibit high potential in one or more areas of learning. The school is the only one of its kind in Jamaica and the Caribbean.


The Institution is
  • Approved and registered by the Ministry of Education (Jamaica).
  • A member of the World Council for Gifted & Talented children.
  • A registered examination centre for The Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College, CXC, GCE, SSAT.

Main Aim & Objectives

At Deokoro Magnet, the aim of the school is maintain programmes which identify, nurture and develop the individual gifted trait/potential in each child, while striving for academic excellence

The Deokoro Philosophy

When the components of our programme and the rich diversity in our students are viewed, high levels of congruence and inconsistencies are evident.

One then realizes and understands that by virtue of the asynchronous development of our students against the Framework of Rigor and Relevance; not only do we need to employ a variety of instructional strategies; but we also need to adopt an eclectic philosophical approach to education.

From a rich tapestry of educational theories and views (the learner, facilitator, environment - physical and otherwise), etc. A very strong belief system is emerging.

Deokoro believes, children learn best:
  • within the context of a nurturing and stimulating environment where they feel loved, accepted, valued and respected.
  • where their physical, academic, spiritual as well as psychological needs (however diverse) are met.
  • where they feel safe and emotionally secure.
  • where they are appreciated and free to express their thoughts, opinions, ideas, feelings and talents without criticism.
  • We also believe talent is a quality that can be developed in virtually any child through diligence and practice.

Every child is GOD’S GIFT OF POTENTIAL TO THE WORLD. By recognizing the child’s learning preferences; one can reach him/her more effectively. Our philosophy continues to evolve and emerge .

An independent team of government recognized educational assessors and psychologists identify and asses each and make recommendations.