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Why Choose Gradelogics

Our vision is to enhance the way schools and teachers manage classroom information online. We strive to engage parents and students in the education process by making it easy to share classroom information online. We work to build the best software that simplifies everyday tasks, provides improved access to necessary information, and works with existing technologies.

Gradelogics provides teachers with the ability to easily and conveniently record and calculate grades for an entire class. Via the Parent/student portal, parents can stay involved by viewing grades, attendance, and teacher messages online.

Gradelogics bundles every aspect of a school's administrative efforts into one complete system: Billing, SiS, Online Gradebooks, Attendance Tracking, Progress report generation, Transcripts, Email messaging, Parent/student web portal, etc...

Technology. Gradelogics is built on the Cloud platform. What does this mean? this means that all your data stored is online in a secured data center; All you need to access your school's data is a PC or Smart phone with an internet connection. There is no software nor hardware to install.

Everyone benefits. Everyone within a school's community enjoys significant benefits from Gradelogics: administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students.

Affordability. Gradelogics is the most affordable system on the market. We offer all the functionality and superior support for a lot less money. Our pricing is simple and straightforward.

One complete system. We don't break-up our system into modules, and there is absolutely no software to install. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful and completely secure database. Gradelogics does it all: one system for all of your school's needs.

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