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Student Finance Tracking - Gradelogics includes a complete billing system which allows administrators to enter invoices and payments to student records; This information follows the student through-out his/her entire tenure.

Student Management - Store student information in one centralized area. We organize and track all necessary information - class schedules, parent information, even cell phone numbers, and more - we do it all!

Classroom Management - Build your classrooms, assign subjects, teachers students; it's that simple!

Staff information - Gradelogics allows your administration to add employees, categorize them by departments, record contact information, etc.

School calendar - Make sure everyone is on the same page. Create and post school-based activities, add invitees, etc. Gradelogics calendar will even send reminders to invitees via email and sms messages.

Progress Report generation - With a few clicks of the mouse, generate progress reports for an entire class of an individual student.

Transcripts - Gradelogics provides the ability to create dynamic professional-looking transcripts.

Mass parent messaging - Send broadcasts to parents of an entire class of to ALL parents, broadcasts can be furthered filter to include only parents with outstanding balances, etc.


Online Gradebooks - Our online gradebooks allows teachers to easily enter student grades conveniently from any computer connected to the connected. Term and final averages are calculated automatically.

School-to-home communications - Teachers can send messages direclty to parents/students, (eg Field Trip approval letters).


Online portal - Students/parents can access grades, teacher comments and financial information anytime, anywhere. Send messages to teachers, view school calendar events and more.

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